Winter Poker Run

Winter Poker Run

This is a New Even so check back for updates

What: First Ever – Winter Poker Run
Date: Saturday January 20th
Time: 11:30am – Not sure of ending but plan 5-6 hours long
Where: 5646 Bullard @ Matt Lipon’s Garage (House with Ice Rink in south west end of lake)
Cost: $20/person

Winter?  Poker Run?  WHAT???  Yes, that is right.  A WINTER Poker Run!!!

If you enjoy the summer Poker Run or enjoy the winter, then get out of your cabin and join us in the first ever Winter Poker Run.  There will be:

  • 5 stops (just like THE Poker Run)
  • 50/50 (maybe even 80/20) raffles (just like THE Poker Run)
  • Included raffle ticket with winners at all 5 stops  (just like THE Poker Run)
  • Snacks and Food at each house  (just like THE Poker Run)
  • Bring your own beverages  (just like THE Poker Run)
  • One card at each stop  (just like THE Poker Run)
  • Winners for top hands  (just like THE Poker Run)
  • Tons of fun  (just like THE Poker Run)
  • Lots of socializing  (just like THE Poker Run)

The difference you ask?

  1. It’s Winter
  2. It will be colder (don’t wear shorts)
  3. Mode of transportation will be snowmobiles, ATVs, car (road only please), snowshoes, skis,  be creative…  Or hitch a ride.  Everyone will be willing to share the back of their snowmobiles.
  4. The one mode of transportation we are pretty sure you can’t use is your boat.
  5. Look for orange cones at the houses instead of signs (they stand out in the snow)
  6. Garages – Garages at each home will be the base of operation.
  7. Top of Tyrone Mountain – WHAT?  Stay tuned
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