Lake Tyrone complies with all local and state laws regarding boating and marine safety.  Please make sure you:

  • Are courteous at all times to other boaters
  • Make sure you go around the lake in a counter clockwise direction
  • Stay a minimum of 100 (150 if you can) feet from docks/shore and other boats
  • Those born after July 1, 1996 have to have boaters safety to legally operate a boat or jet ski.  Period.
  • Make sure you have a spotter when pulling tubs or water skiers
  • Don’t stop to swim or fish in the traffic lanes (especially at busy times).  The goal is to have safe traffic lanes for skiers, tubers and jet skiers.  Stay out of the 3 critical narrow areas of the lake and try to stop only in the bays and closer to shore.
  • There are a number of submerged stumps on the south end of the lake so be aware when operating on that end of the lake
  • Swim Rafts – The law reads – such items cannot unduly interfere with navigability or the rights of other riparians to reasonably use their respective riparian properties.  Please don’t put your swim rafts too far into the lake.

A courtesy for all pontooners is to avoid tubing, water skiing and other activities that cause wakes after 7pm.  You will notice that it has been a tradition for many lakers to take few laps around the lake at that time.  So please help them enjoy the lake as well by limiting your other activities to before that time.

By no means are the above few tips meant to be a complete list of rules or regulations to follow.  Please check these additional resources for more marine safety, and legal information:

Michigan Boating Laws and Regulations
Livingston County Sheriff – Boating Safety
Livingston County Sheriff – Boating Classes
MI DNR – Boating Handbook
US Coast Guard – Boating & Safety