Lake Restoration Project – Aeration


Lake Tyrone Improvement Association is working on a plan to improve the lake though an Aeration Project. Aeration will:

  • Help control weeds
  • Reduce bottom muck
  • Increase lake depths
  • Create a more balanced environment for both weed control and improved fishery.

Resources Below:


Resources & Links:

Below are lake residents working on this project.  Please call them in order provided to get details on the project and to answer specific questions.

Who Position Email Phone
Bill McDunnough Lake Board “Weed Control” h:810-632-7010
Jeff Connors LTIA President c:248-719-5744
Pat Reiner Trustee/Webmaster c:313-702-0141


Restorative Lake Sciences, Jennifer Jones
Lake Savers, John Tucci
Clean-Flo (the technology and it’s story)


Lake Tyrone Restoration & Improvement Plan – OVERVIEW

Download (PDF, 302KB)


Lake Tyrone Restoration & Improvement Plan – One Pager

Download (DOC, 32KB)


Field Inspection of Lake Savers Aeration System

Download (PDF, 3.7MB)

Minutes from Initial Informational Meeting

Download (DOC, 33KB)


Presentation by Jen Jones of Restorative Lake Sciences

Download (PDF, 2.52MB)


Presentation by John Tucci of Lake Savers

Download (PDF, 4.33MB)


Copy of Petition

Download (PDF, 10KB)

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