An Evening of Family Fun

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Jun 072018

An Evening of Family Fun

Date: Saturday, June 23rd

Time: 7pm Boat races at Boat Launch

8pm Movie Night and Games at Mike Kantz’s (6209 Mabley Hill)

Cost: Donations welcome

Details and Full Rules below:

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Road Side Clean Up Project

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Apr 152018

Road Side Clean Up Project (2nd Annual)

What: Road Side Clean Up Project
Date: Saturday April 21st
Time: 9:00am – 12:00noon
Where: Craig Johnson’s Cottage at 5801 Mabley Hill Road
Cost: Nothing, just a bit of help.

Please join us in cleaning up the roads around the lake. We will meet at 9:00am at Craig Johnson’s residence (5801 Mabley Hill). Bring the whole family to support our community; lots of hands make for light work. Craig will supply the garbage bags and gloves. Gators, Mules, and other UTV’s are helpful.

For any question email, text, or call Craig Johnson at c:734- 216-3163

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WinterFest 2018

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Feb 022018

WinterFest 2018

WinterFest 2018

What: WinterFest
Date: Saturday Feb 10th
Time: 9:00am-5pm – Registration starts at 8:45 at Tournament tent
Where: All over the lake with Tournament tent in the middle of the lake
Cost: $20/person

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Winter Poker Run

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Jan 022018

Winter Poker Run

This is a New Even so check back for updates

What: First Ever – Winter Poker Run
Date: Saturday January 20th
Time: 11:30am – Not sure of ending but plan 5-6 hours long
Where: 5646 Bullard @ Matt Lipon’s Garage (House with Ice Rink in south west end of lake)
Cost: $20/person

Winter?  Poker Run?  WHAT???  Yes, that is right.  A WINTER Poker Run!!!

If you enjoy the summer Poker Run or enjoy the winter, then get out of your cabin and join us in the first ever Winter Poker Run.  There will be:

  • 5 stops (just like THE Poker Run)
  • 50/50 (maybe even 80/20) raffles (just like THE Poker Run)
  • Included raffle ticket with winners at all 5 stops  (just like THE Poker Run)
  • Snacks and Food at each house  (just like THE Poker Run)
  • Bring your own beverages  (just like THE Poker Run)
  • One card at each stop  (just like THE Poker Run)
  • Winners for top hands  (just like THE Poker Run)
  • Tons of fun  (just like THE Poker Run)
  • Lots of socializing  (just like THE Poker Run)

The difference you ask?

  1. It’s Winter
  2. It will be colder (don’t wear shorts)
  3. Mode of transportation will be snowmobiles, ATVs, car (road only please), snowshoes, skis,  be creative…  Or hitch a ride.  Everyone will be willing to share the back of their snowmobiles.
  4. The one mode of transportation we are pretty sure you can’t use is your boat.
  5. Look for orange cones at the houses instead of signs (they stand out in the snow)
  6. Garages – Garages at each home will be the base of operation.
  7. Top of Tyrone Mountain – WHAT?  Stay tuned
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Poker Run

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Aug 192017

Poker Run

What: Annual Poker Run
Date: Saturday September 2nd
Time: 2pm – 7pm followed by a band until 11pm
Where: Boat launch
Cost: $15/person

Be at the boat launch at 2pm to get registered. Pick up your 50-50 ticket. Sign up and get your name tag, you will be assigned a color. Go to the same color at every house to get your card. 2nd house will be at 3pm with each addition house on the hour and last house at 6pm. Do not arrive at the host house before the hour so that they have time to set up. Also you need to remain at each house to win in any drawings and must be present to win. Snacks will be furnished at each house. PLEASE, let the dealers cut in line so they can enjoy the food as well. Bring your own drinks.

We have hired a Classic Rock Band for the last house. They will be entertaining us until about 11pm. Please stick around or come just to the band if you can’t make the Poker Run.

• We need more dealers to volunteer, please contact Chris Anneshensley, 810-632-7322
• Please contact Chris Anneshensley, 810-632-7322 for any questions
• Please sign up if you would be interested in being a host house next year. Not a commitment, just helpful list.

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Lake Tyrone 4th of July Pontoon Parade

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Jun 272017

Lake Tyrone 4th of July Pontoon Parade

Date: Tuesday July 4nd
Time: Noon meet at boat launch with parade starting about 12:30pm  (NOTE: new Noon start time)
Cost: Registration is Free
Lead Judge: *** Still need a lead Judge, please call Ed Pretzel (734) 834-3636

Complete Flyer

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8th Annual Andrew Greenan’s Kid’s Fishing Tournament

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Jun 242017

8th Annual Andrew Greenan Kid’s Fishing Tournament

Date: Sunday July 2nd
Time: 9:00am meet at boat launch (sharp)
12noon Awards Ceremony and Lunch at 6035 Mabley Hill Rd.
Cost: Registration is Free
Pre-Register Reqiested: For accurate count for prizes and lunch
Host: Rob Busby email: or call 810-632-4937

Complete Flyer

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Dam Card Party

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Jun 132017

Dam Card Party

Date: Wednesday Nights Starting June 14th
Time: 7:00 PM at the Dam (6:30 starting Wed Aug 23rd)
Cost: Free, bring Cards, drinks and snacks


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Family Fun Day

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May 302017

Family Fun Day

Date: Saturday, June 10th

Time: 12-4pm Cardboard Boat Races (Build boat prior to race day, one boat for all 3 races allowed)

Time: 8pm Movie Night and Games
Where: Mike Kantz’s (6209 Mabley Hill)

Cost: Donations

Details and Full Rules below:

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