Boat Launch Contacts


To use the Lake Tyrone boat launch you must be a resident and have your current dues paid.  Below is a list of people that will be able to open the launch for you.  Please keep in mind that they are volunteers and that they may not be available at all times.  Please give them as much notice as possible, preferably 24hrs.

  • Robert Cove, c:248-229-3893
  • Josh Lange, c:810-923-1955
  • Mike Osiecki, h:810-632-7920 Will drop pontoon in FREE if you donate to the Human Society.  Call Mike for details.
  • Rob Busby, c:517-499-0788
  • Craig Johnson, c:734- 216-3163
  • Matt Lipon, c:810-938-2191
  • Steve Mazur, h:810-632-7837 Steve has been launching and hauling out boats for 25 years.  He has a trailer for moving your pontoon on your property and only charges $25.  He is also available at no charge to open the gate if you can’t get a board member.  He also offers the option to pick you up in his car, which helps when you don’t have a second person and just asks for gas money in appreciation.
  • Mike Kantz, c:810-623-9122 – Trustee LTIA Board and head of Launch Committee
  • Jim Conway c:810-632-6675
  • Try one of the other board members if you can’t get one of the above people.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are trying to keep the lake clear of issue so please make sure you read this document on Aquatic Nuisances.

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