2016/17 Lake Tyrone Improvement Board Members


Lake Tyrone Improvement Association (LTIA) is responsible for the lake in terms of water quality monitoring and weed control, owns the private boat ramp for use by members, and owns and maintains the dam.  It also owns the land surrounding boat ramp and behind the dam.

LTIA helps promote social activities but is not responsible for social activities and events held on lake. All social events and social activities are solely at will. All participants and individuals will assume liabilities for said events.

Who Position Email Phone
Jeff Connors President Jeffc@selectvr.com 248-719-5744
Rebecca Fedewa Vice President rebecca.fedewa@gmail.com 810-423-1078
Paul Lipon Treasurer paul.lipon@gmail.com 517-861-9317
Charlene Gawronski Secretary cgawronski1029@yahoo.com 810-599-5500
Ed Pretzel Trustee / Social Director edpretzel@collaborativesupplychains.com 734-834-3636
Jim Conway Trustee jimthelawnguy@yahoo.com 810-632-6675
Josh Lange WebMaster lanjos7@gmail.com 810-923-1955
Jen Villiard WebMaster jenndog@gmail.com 313-408-2861
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